The range of services on offer at iVox can usually be categorised as follows:


White Label / Managed

Suitable for service providers who do not wish to build their own infrastructure, servers, or develop telco billing systems.

iVox provides hosted, re-branded telco services, allowing you, the retail service provider, to focus on sales and front-line customer relationship management.

iVox provides a full suite of telco services from VOIP to landlines to broadband to mobiles, all managed by you in our re-branded billing portal.



Pure Wholesale

Suitable for service providers who already have some degree of infrastructure or telco systems in place. Think of iVox as an upstream carrier who can help you, the established service provider, to achieve a full national presence in all things telco.

Service Providers can pick and choose only the elements they need. Our specialty is wholesale VOIP and SIP trunks, but we also provide a full suite of telco products including landlines, mobiles, broadband and more.


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