Complete Hosted Telephony Service Provider

Complete Hosted Telephony Service ProvideriVox’s Complete Hosted Telephony Solution is a suite of white label / wholesale services that enable you to become a fully-fledged telephony service provider. This solution provides access to our entire range of telephony services , hosted portals, and associated products. 


VoIP Telephone Services & SIP Trunks

Our VOIP Telephone service provides an alternative to the traditional fixed line telephone services used by the majority of clients. It is a complete telephone service with the features and functions that consumers and businesses expect from their existing telephone service plus some additional features enabled by VoIP technology.

We provide single phone/password style VOIP accounts, as well as SIP trunks capable of handling multiple concurrent calls.


Hosted IP PBX (IP Centrex)

The iVox IP Centrex / Hosted IP PBX solution allows small offices or companies with multiple offices to replace a traditional in-house PBX or Key System and move to a centralised system in an IP environment. All that is required at the customer premises are IP Telephones and a broadband connection.


Mobile Rebill

Complete your "one bill" service offerings with rebranded mobile telephone and 3G broadband services. We utilise the Vodafone network for nationwide 3G coverage. Generic or branded solutions available


Hosted Billing Portal

The hosted billing solution allows our service providers to manage their customers details, rate plans, invoicing, and reporting. Service Providers have the option of invoicing their customers directly from our system, or downloading the data for import into their own billing system


IPND & Sensis Management Portal

Comply with your regulatory obligation to upload all customer records to the central IPND database, plus maintain White Pages listings, all from a simple web GUI.


Broadband & NBN

iVox provides high-speed, quality controlled private broadband tails connecting end customer sites directly to the iVox network. These services are a pure private network link, allowing the customer to subscribe to an iVox voice service without having to pass through the public internet at any point.
In addition, NBN Services are now available!


Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

iVox also supplies a comprehensive range of voice and data equipment at competitive wholesale prices. All equipment sold by iVox is certified by us to be fully interoperable with our services. At the service provider's request, we can also provision CPE prior to shipping.


Landline Rebill

While VOIP remains our core business, iVox also provides traditional landlines services. Landlines are still required for things like fax, EFTPOS, ADSL, and backup/failover lines. There may also be times when quality broadband is simply not available at a customer's site.


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